Water – resource of life

Water – resource of life

In the early days of settlement in Kfar Saba, the presence of high quality water in high quantities was an unknown fact. In the early twentieth century, the town’s first settlers had to bring water in from a water well found in the nearby settlement of Kfar Malal. Needless to say, an establishment of a residential settlement let alone an agricultural one was impossible under these conditions, and so the settlers were forced to abandon Kfar Saba. It was not until the early 1920’s when Kfar Saba had finally excavated its first water well, bringing the settlement back to life. The next two decades brought about the excavation of many new wells. During the period of water well excavations the Kfar Saba Water Plant was founded (in the late 1920’s), centralizing and unifying the water supply system for the entire settlement. The city’s first well is on Weizmann Street – in the Kfar Saba City Hall courtyard, which served as an area where local workers used to take their recess.

Incorporation of water plant

The water plant was established in 1931 as a cooperative association. The plant invests in constantly improving the water supply apparatus while guarding sufficient reserves required for future improvements. This fact helped create a municipal water system that is now considered as one the most developed systems inIsraelin terms of maintaining and supplying drinking water. This advanced system enables water distribution even in the case of malfunction or power outage as well is in case of an emergency. Furthermore, Kfar Saba is able to provide water to its neighboring towns, essential in emergency situations.

The founders of the plant who had been men and women of vision and foresight, alongside the managers and workers of the plant, had all joined hands in realizing and maintaining a healthy, thriving water infrastructure that to this day serves as a model for others.

the Kfar Saba Water Plant

 The Kfar Saba Water Plant

The Kfar Saba Water Plant was established in 1931 as a cooperative association and has been functioning ever since as the city’s major water supplier. The plant has been diligently working to ensure the inhabitants of the city enjoy a supply of high quality water and sees great importance in promoting water conservation and in raising environmental awareness among all sections of the society.

As part of our partnership with the city community and in order to promote the well-being of the residents, the plant established this educational and experiential visitor center at the Kfar Saba Water Tower compound. The center’s primary objective is to convey moral themes while addressing topics of high importance such as water and environment conservation that are nowadays at the center of attention of both the educational system and the general public.

Rivka Harrisan Managing Director

Yitzhak Yoel  Chairman

about the tour

About the Tour

Entrance Lobby

The journey sets off with a primordial mood, where along with the darkness of creation, the trickling of water and the movement of an embryo, the story of water in the nature and in the city ofKfar Sababegins. In the lobby, with the sounds of “The Water Symphony” being played in the background, the experience of creation takes place. Maya the drop joins us on our journey with her many wonderful insights.


Visit a water cloud in an underground world

Going down the stairway illustrates water’s natural condensation process. The feeling of being inside the moisture of a cloud, the fierce wind blowing, the rain and water seeping and reemerging   in the depth of the ground.


Auditorium – we had found water

An audiovisual video that tells the story of man and water in the light of history. Stories on Pinchas Sapir and other local water visionaries who worked to bring for an intelligent use of this resource for developing the settlement and boosting its citrus growing economy.

Game – Water Supervisors

Finally, the visitors take on the role of “water supervisors” along with the responsibility that comes with it in an interactive game where they are the leading characters in preserving our indispensable resource – water.

Signing the Water Treaty

Signing the Water Treaty serves as a testament for generations to come, expressing our desire to take part in the total experience at the Water Tower in Kfar Saba


water-resource of life

Water – resource of life

Since the early days of Kfar Saba, the importance of this resource has been well recognized, and water played a key role in the process of the city’s development. Situated on one of the highest points in Kfar Saba, The Water Tower Visitor Center serves as an educational and experiential center where you will be able to follow the trail of a single drop of water from the moment of its creation all the way to your tap at an exhibition stretching over a number of exposition halls. Using innovative visual effects that stimulate the senses with the lovely company of Maya the water drop and Tal the guide, visitors will enjoy a powerful experience that is bound to leave its mark on them, as well as an urging desire to take part in the efforts to protect this vital resource.


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